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MSRP: $85.00
Price: $75.00
You Save: $10.00 (12 %)
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Item Number: SK4
See both photos for complete collection. For those who need their play therapy toy funds to stretch as far as possible, we've developed this broad kit of 85 great dollar items at $10 off the cost of buying them separately. It's an even greater savings when you factor in our flat-rate shipping--and that we always throw in a couple of bonus items. Our 2015 winter/spring collection includes Artist Palette, Bendable Alien, Invading Aliens (set of 4), Apples (set of 3), Tiny Baby Bottles (set of 5), Babies w/ Bottle (set of 2), Sleeping Boy Baby, Sleeping Girl Baby, Balloons, Mini Binoculars, Bones (set of 5), Brown Bridge, Butterfly and Caterpillar (2 pieces), Cacti (set of 3), Mini Camera, Cauldron, Gold Chalice, Champagne Bottles (set of 2), Cheerleader Megaphones (set of 2), Whiteface Clown, Tiny Comedy/Tragedy Faces (set of 2),Compass, Gold Cross, Cupid, Cups of Poison (set of 2), Dancing Girl, Tarnished Daggers (set of 6), Dead Trees (set of 2), Acrylic Diamonds (set of 3), Mini Director's Clapboard, Dog and Cat (set of 2), Earth Squeeze Ball, Evergreen Trees (set of 4), Brown Fencing (set of 4), Rustic Fencing (set of 4), Farm Mothers and Babies (set of 5), Ghost (glow in the dark), Mini "Glass" Slippers (two pieces), Caucasian Boy Graduate, Caucasian Girl Graduate, Guard Dogs (2), Mini Handcuffs, Heart Box (removable lid), Heart Padlocks (set of 2), Black Hearts (set of 6), Red Hearts (set of 6), Baby Hope Stones (set of 12), Jelly Fish (set of 2), Kissing Couple, Bendable Knight, Mini Machete, Sticky Maggots (6), Money, Monster Hand Picks (set of 2), Rainbow Ninjas (set of 4), Twin Palm Trees (set of 4), Sm. Plastic Pillars (set of 2), Slice of Pizza, Pests (set of 9), Pooping Pig, Praying Angel, Mini Black Roses (bundle of 12), Mini Red Roses (bundle of 12), Acrylic Rubies (set of 3), Sand Timer, Micro Skateboards (set of 3), Mini Skeleton Warriors (set of 4), Soda Cans (set of 3), Skeleton Hands (set of 2), Skyline, Space Craft (set of 2), Mini Surfboards (set of 2), Sun, Tears (set of 10), Tombstone Picks (3), Tree Stump, Mini Turtles (2), Urine Sample, Silver Trays (set of 2), Mini Treasure Chests (set of 2), Trophy, Unicorn, Windmill, Wishing Well, and Witch Hats. (substitutions of an equal or greater value will be made if items are discontinued or out of stock.) The assortment is primarily sandtray / sandplay miniatures, but has more general play therapy tools are mixed in as well.
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