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It Ain't Over When It's Over

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This set consists of a 4" by 5.5" velveteen drawstring bag with a three-piece magic cup trick. Also has an instruction card. Recommended for use as an object lesson for clients who feel like they keep reliving a trauma. Review the directions for this very simple magic trick. Begin by lifting the two-piece top and removing the ball. Hand the ball to the person and return lid. Point out that they know the ball is gone (the trauma is over) because it's in their hand. Lift the top to show what looks like another ball. Emphasize that they don't have to wonder how the ball came back. It didn't come back. It's gone (the trauma is really over). They have it in their hand. Remove the fake ball to reveal the trick. Point out that, whenever it seems like the ball (trauma) is still there, they just have to remind their brain that it's only a trick. It only seems real like a magic trick seems real. The ball (trauma) is gone. Really.
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