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Multicolored Family
Price: $2.50
Multicolored Family
Plastic. Set of 6. Color assortment varies. Sizes range from 2.5 inch tall father to 1.75 inch daughter to 1 inch baby. Recommended as sandtray / sandplay figure or for more general play therapy.
SIDS Newborn
Price: $1.50
SIDS Newborn
Plastic. 2" long, 1.75" wide at arms. Sleeping on its stomach like a SIDS baby might. Recommended as a sandtray / sandplay miniature or for more general play therapy.
Prehistoric Set
MSRP: $12.00
Price: $11.40
You Save: $0.60 (5 %)
Prehistoric Set
Plastic. Set of 12. Average 2" tall. Recommended as sandtray / sandplay miniatures or for more general play therapy.
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