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Wishing on a Star Won't Get You Very Far

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This set consists of a 4" by 5.5" velveteen drawstring bag with 20 1.25" by 1.25" plastic star links. Also has an instruction card. Recommended for use as an object lesson for clients who need help setting and achieving goals. Begin by handing the person a star and asking them what they wish for in life. Take the star back and tell them that you're sorry, but you don't think their wish will come true. Let them protest or otherwise respond. Then point out that you're not implying that they can't achieve the things they want in life. You're just saying they can't wish it into happening. Tell them that, if they really want what they say they want, they'll have to turn their wish into a goal. Emphasize the difference between a wish and a goal: It takes steps to reach a goal. Pull out another star and ask the person to name one step it would take to reach this goal. Once the step is identified, hook the stars together. Pull out more stars. Ask for more steps, linking the stars to form a chain. Congratulate them when they've linked enough stars to turn their wish into a goal.
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